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Browning Coaching is work-focused and encompasses the whole person. The initial goal may not be the only topic worked on. We may shift from surface to deeper matters that hold the key to sustained change. 

Your mindset and our relationship are the biggest factors in your success. You’ll think for yourself, so expect to expand your (self) awareness and resources. We may address obstacles that are holding you back. I’ll never tell you what to do, but occasionally may offer an alternative perspective. 

Sessions can be face-to-face or remote. Virtual coaching is no less effective than in person. 


First meeting a no commitment introduction covering your goals and how we might work together. 

Contracting we agree terms, including costs if not agreed with your organisation.

Discussion with organisation a three-way discussion with any sponsor to ensure there's clarity. 

Coaching sessions we work towards your goals in confidence. A typical session is 1.5 to 2 hours. 

Reviews we regularly discuss what value was added, what worked well and how we could be more effective.


Closing we assess progress, together with any sponsor. 


It’s wise to wait until you’re ready. Misapplied coaching won’t add value and can prolong problems. 

Nothing much can be achieved if the time isn’t right – maybe your priorities are elsewhere or you don’t have time to reflect, change or consider other perspectives.


Sometimes the real need is for an advisor, mentor, counsellor, medical support or effective leadership. Coaching is not a substitute for these, although it may sit alongside. 

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