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I cannot recommend Graham highly enough. I was once coached by a big name at a business school - it was a burden I hated. Graham was completely different. I looked forward to the sessions - depended on them, in fact.


I was at a critical career moment. I was in transition and had to make difficult decisions under pressure. Graham helped me to frame my choices and clarify my priorities. When I doubted myself, he gave me confidence. I am now in a fantastic role.


He enabled me to recognise positive traits that I did not know I had. He gave me the tools to stop repeating past mistakes. He helped me develop a framework for difficult conversations which remains incredibly helpful.


Graham strikes the right balance between empathy and holding you to account, always without judgement. He helps you to be honest with yourself, to understand your strengths and challenges, and to work on yourself. He develops tools and techniques with you to overcome issues. He lets you find the answers for yourself. When he offers you something to think about, it is perceptive and from deep experience. 


Director | Think Tank 

  • supported leaders

  • improved decisions and delivery

  • talent prepared for transitions

  • increased engagement

  • effective (self) management

  • improved collaboration

  • increased resilience

  • limiting behaviours addressed

  • saved time and resource

  • mitigated risk


Organisations need to see a return on their investment. In Browning Coaching, real conversations and change can happen quickly.


Value is delivered to peers, team and the wider organisation, including:

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