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I specialise in moments where slipping up is not an option 


Peak performance you have something on your desk that simply must be got right. A safe thinking space helps navigate the quicksand safely.

Effective change the world is transforming and calm in the storm helps when implementing required change.

Modern culture the court of public opinion is a severe judge of those who don't measure up to revolutionised expectations and accountabilities.

Safe sounding board it can be lonely at the top and an echo chamber is dangerous. I am the trusted confidante of many.


Smart moves transitioning between roles and achieving true success is easier when values, strengths and banana skins are clear.

Extending influence you’re installing your own glass ceiling if you lack the self-awareness or management skills to manage your impact.

Liveable balance combining your needs with your responsibilities can be difficult. I've pioneered part-time/home working at senior levels.

No strings make sure that you don’t become a victim of your own success – blind spots, tall poppy syndrome or being someone else’s puppet.


Problematic behaviour it could be the impact someone has on you, or vice versa. Making changes is hard without strategy and support.

Raising concerns the risk of speaking up or whistleblowing can leave you hanging by a thread. It’s not an area the inexperienced can understand.

Being excluded it is hard to thrive if you feel undervalued, a misfit or an imposter. It can affect anyone - particularly high achieving 'outsiders'.

Job loss dreaded or wanted, a lot is at stake. Handled well, there can be unique opportunities to make positive changes. I help find a way.

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